Senior Designer & Strategist in the🇨🇭Banking industry. Critical / Design / Systems thinker, learner, practitioner —Design as a catalyst for change.


  • Jennifer Wjertzoch

    Jennifer Wjertzoch

    Berlin based Frontend Developer with a background in Art and Design.

  • Dan Craddock

    Dan Craddock

    Government digital professional. User research, content strategy and design, UI design, performance analysis.

  • Irena Pavlović

    Irena Pavlović

  • Carsten Blau

    Carsten Blau

  • Kishan Salian

    Kishan Salian

    UX Manager, Mentor, Story Teller and Observant / / /

  • Christian Guyard

    Christian Guyard

    Studiometis Labs

  • Stephan Willemse

    Stephan Willemse

    Strategy Director @ Digital Arts Network \ New Zealand. Ideas Magpie. Reader. Surfer. Optimist.

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